Makers Registry

Part of the Smart Growth America planning process includes identifying makers here in Columbia. It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you’re at—whether you already have a business, are looking to expand, or if you’re dreaming of opening up your own shop someday. It also doesn’t matter if you’re located on the Business Loop or somewhere else. Go ahead and sign up.

We’ve done our best to give some general categories of makers but if we’ve missed what you do, please make generous use of the “other” option. If we have enough people list something, we can easily add another category. If you are a makerspace, non-profit, or educational facility, please visit our Resource Registry.

One thing we are doing is focusing on manufacturers rather than artists. While there is artistry involved in production, artists create one-of-a-kind objects while manufacturers are focused creating multiples of the same product and have the ability to scale up production.

We’ll use your contact information for our own use. We’d like to keep you informed of our progress as we move forward with the grant process and invite you to maker workshops and meetups. We are planning updates to this website to include a public-facing makers directory which you can be part of, should you choose.